DIY Video/Photo Shoot...

The Checklist​

Sharron is not only a Hairstylist.

She is a Certified Style Coach™, and a Self-Taught Accessory Designer.

Her passion for hair, beauty, and fashion go hand in hand.
Whenever her clients need a look from 'head to toe' (literally) she can handle it.

Be sure to Download the checklist to create a

full photo/video shoot for your clients to use

in your salon marketing material.

So What's Inside??

Download today if you want:

  • Complete details on an affordable way to create your own marketing material for your salon business in a video or photo shoot 
  • Tips on how to use what you already have (I.e. mobile device, camera, clients as models, etc.)
  • To show off your 'best work' on your social media/website/ scheduling software, etc.
  • To Create competitive marketing material that looks amazing at an affordable cost without investing tons into photographers, pro models, etc. 

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